Specialist Services

Specialist Services

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It’s our opportunity to impart the knowledge we have built up over the years to others that are just starting the journey or are on the journey.

A Mentor assists, guides, educates, informs and enables participants, parents, carers, and others through the NDIS process.

Through having an understanding of the NDIS and its processes you will have a more educated and informed approach to NDIS.

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Guidance Angels

A Mentor informs, guides, assists and educates.  

After a Mentoring Session you can often feel overwhelmed with the level of knowledge and the tasks that you now have to undertake, this is where a Guidance Angel assists.

A Guidance Angel is there to take you step by step through the process.

They are living the experience and have been where you are now.  They have a good understanding of how you are feeling and assist you in taking the next steps.

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Coming Soon

We are currently working with a variety of specialists with the aim of making it so that you will be able to book their service through our site.