Introduction and Disclaimer

  • Introduction and Disclaimer

  • The Im Online website, forms, resources and courses available to you have been created by a parent who is living the NDIS experience, like yourself. Im Online is not affiliated to the NDIS.

    Through our experiences and listening to others within our community, Im Online have realised the lack of information and guidance available to participants of the NDIS and their carers.

    Due to this we have developed the forms, as a "Guide Only", with prompts to assist you in remembering things that we all forget as we are living the experience with the people we care for. You will have to enter additional information into the form, as the form itself is just a template.

    The forms on this website and the resources available have been designed with clarification from Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, and Medical Professionals, to ensure that we are providing you with the relevant options within the sections of the forms.

    The resources have been designed AS A GUIDE ONLY to assist you with your Pre Planning and Meetings with the NDIS and Service Providers.

    Im Online do not under any circumstance state, the way in which the forms and resources have been written and/or worded, that they are what the NDIS is seeking, or that you will receive the appropriate funding using them. Each participant has individual disabilities, cognitive and/or functional limitations, medical conditions, aspirations and requirements, you will need to use your own wording, descriptions, and relevant facts.

    Im Online have inserted references for the sourced information, to the actual webpages where we have sourced information directly from, which we feel are relevant in explaining the NDIS.

    Im Online are pleased to be able to offer you this service to assist you with pre planning and preparing for your meeting with the NDIS or Service Providers.

    We need to stress that we are giving you only an outline of what needs to be covered by you and will be guiding you on how to prepare your notes to present to the planner. We will not be doing the work for you as this is not allowed. It has to be your words and the expression of your needs for yourself and/or your child that you take to the planning or review meeting.

    Our aim is to educate, assist, inform and guide. The NDIS is constantly changing as they endeavour to improve the service to participants within Australia and we will continually improve and update our forms and resources accordingly.

    We have tried to make the forms as simple as possible. To assist in some areas we have made it so that you can tick boxes, (giving you options to select), to what is relevant to you (the Participant) or the person you are caring for. The forms, resources and online courses have been formulated through mentoring others through the process, these choices are there as a prompt to aid you in remembering areas requiring support or assistance. You need to describe how your selections affect, and/or create issues for the participant, and to add in other relevant information. By adding the additional information you are starting to provide what is reasonable and necessary for the Participant and/or Yourself.

    Im Online is about assisting clients with the NDIS journey they are on. Our compassion and knowledge will support you in your preparation for your NDIS application for funding. By filling this in and signing it, you are indicating your understanding of our role and that of the forms and resources supplied.


    I {participantsName}/{carersName} understand that The Mentoring Team are mentores whose role is to assist but not to undertake the task for me. The Mentor, nor Im Online, take any responsibility in the amount or allocation of the funding given by NDIS.

    I {participantsName}/{carersName} understand that The Guidance Angels Team are to support me through Plan Preparation, Contact with Services and Supports and that their role is to assist but not to undertake the tasks for me. The Guidance Angels, nor Im Online, take any responsibility in the amount or allocation of the funding given by NDIS.

    I {carersName} confirm that I have the proper authority to act on behalf of .

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