About Im Online


Assisting Participants, Parents, Carers and Service Providers

Initially I set out to assist NDIS participants in providing the right information they need for their Plan Meetings, the first time and every time.  This has since grown to assisting Service Providers by simplifying the NDIS and its processes, also.

The content of this website has been built from my experience as a parent who has children that are participants of the NDIS.  I found that it was difficult to get information on what is required, where I could get assistance or guidance, plus what did I need to take to the NDIS meetings. As I have journeyed through the NDIS process, I became aware that my friends and others were having the same stressful experience.

The forms and documents on this website, have come about through helping myself and others in their NDIS Journeys. Many hours and advice from a variety of specialists, plus parents living the NDIS experience have guided in the creation of the forms and documents.

Whilst these forms and documents have proved to be useful, I do not take any responsibility in the amount or allocation of the funding given by the NDIS. I am not affiliated with, nor do I work for the NDIS. Only the NDIS/NDIA have the final say on funding allocations and appropriate documentation required.

Im Online has grown since January 2019, from a single parent with children on the NDIS, to a company of like minded people who’s passion is to help others gain access to the NDIS and participants already on the journey. We work as a Team, as each member brings their own experiences and knowledge.

We now have a team of Mentors (Educators) and Guidance Angels (Skill Builders) that assist Participants, Parents and Carers with their NDIS journey.

We strongly believe through education, information and knowledge we can assist participants achieve the best possible outcome.

Our Mantra is “Knowledge is Power, Power is Truth, Truth Enables”

Our Passion is “Enabling Participants, Parents and Carers”