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Our Services Empowering You Through Knowledge

Our aim is to simplify the NDIS and its process’s.  Services have been designed to increase your knowledge and understanding of the NDIS.  

We do this through Mentors, Specialist Services, Custom Forms, Step-By-Step Guides, Resources, Online Courses and Workshops.

Who We Are?

We are specialists in Innovative Mentoring, navigating the NDIS, enabling Participants, Parents, and Carers.

We provide customised trainings, workshops, tools, and mentoring supports to increase knowledge and understanding of the NDIS and its complexities.


Our Mentors enable through knowledge and assist you through the NDIS processes.

What do Mentors do?

  • Impart and educate through knowledge to simplify the NDIS processes
  • Provide stage-appropriate information, guidance, and support to comply with NDIS requirements
  • Address the level of documentation, information, evidence, and justification across the various stages of NDIS
  • Create an Action Plan to guide you through your NDIS journey

Guidance Angels

Our Guidance Angels build skills and support with empathy (TLC) through lived experiences.

They assist you through the complex NDIS processes one step at a time.

What do Guidance Angels do?

  • Skill-building and support with empathy (TLC) through lived experiences
  • Assist the Participant to implement Action Plans
  • Simplify the complex NDIS process into a step-by-step process







Customers reviews

What people say?

rainbow butterflies, scrapbooking, spectrum-5166783.jpg
Scott & Jo Parent

Hi Jeanette
Thank you so much for your time.
You truly are a super coach.
We greatly appreciate your help.
Thanks Scott & Jo

dragon, low poly, animal-4907812.jpg
Liz Parent

Hi Jeanette
I would just like to say thank-you to you - someone who understands.
Cheers Liz

koi, carp, fish-1244816.jpg
Penelope Parent

Hi Jeanette,
I just wanted to say thanks for your assistance.
The application was accepted with great funding.
A huge assistance for us.
Thanks again for all your help on this. So invaluable. Kind Regards,

butterfly, design, nature-2818692.jpg
Yvonne Parent

Hi Jeanette,
Thanks so much for the links and for your time yesterday.
Getting started on the plan today!
Yvonne. 🦋🦋

stag, wildflower, floral-1998855.jpg
Chris & Kim Parents

Jeanette, thank you so much for sharing your insight, knowledge and understanding, to support gaining the NDIS funding package we received for our child. This appropriately generous funding package has enabled more progress than we could have hoped for in the past eleven months. I just wish everyone could benefit as our child, (therefore our family), has. We will definitely be seeking you out again as our coach. With gratitude Chris and Kim

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Joseph & Jen Parents

Hi Friends at Melville OT, Thanks for the appointment and a big thanks to Jeanette for taking us (especially our Maddie) under her wing. We are very grateful for the help.

animal, colorful, decoration-3364909.jpg
Julie Porter Participant

I attended I'm online "NDIS plan meeting" and "Understanding your NDIS plan and the NDIS price guide" Jeanette explains each step, breaking down each section so you get an overview of the process and what is expected. Jeanette explains each step and explains the who's, what's and how's. I came away feeling more empowered, armed with the knowledge gained through attending I'm Online courses. I would highly recommend you attend I'm Online courses. Many thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom Jeanette. Julie 🙂

peacock, bird, animal-4955655.jpg
Melissa Boydell Support Coordinator

Great course, lots of info and a great atmosphere. Highly recommend I'm Online to everyone.

    Im Online acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we provide our services. We recognise the unique connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People to Country and waters, and we pay our respects to Elders past and present.